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Trilhos de Natureza | Into the Wild



The unique beauty of São Miguel can only be properly appreciated when visiting the hidden and mysterious places of this wonderful island.

Trail 1 - Beach | Lagoa do Fogo
The trail is located in the central area of São Miguel island, in the volcanic complex of the Serra de Água de Pau. Lagoa do Fogo, the second largest lagoon on the island, has a maximum depth of 30m. Most of this trail is within a Protected Area of the São Miguel Natural Park, in addition to having great landscape and biodiversity value, also has a remarkable historical and cultural heritage.

Trail 2 - Vista do Rei | Sete Cidades
This route takes place in the northwest area of São Miguel island and goes through part of the Sete Cidades crater, classified as a Protected Landscape under the Natura 2000. This crater, that was formed by consecutive collapses, is one of the biggest collapsed craters of the Azores. There is where we can find Lagoa das Sete Cidades, elected as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal in the category of Non-aquatic Marine Zones.

Trail 3 - Lagoa das Furnas | Furnas
This trail runs through the interior of Vale das Furnas, considered a Protected Landscape Area by the Natural Park of the island. Beginning and ending in the interior of Furnas, the trail goes around the extensive lagoon, showing important cultural and natural aspects, with emphasis on the diversified hydrothermal system that includes fumaroles, thermal waters and minerals.

Trail 4 - Salto do Prego | Faial da Terra
This trail takes place in the SE area of the island, in Povoação, more precisely in Faial da Terra, divided in half by a river. The name of this parish, popularly known as “Presépio da Ilha”, comes from the once abundant presence of Morella faya. Faial da Terra runs across the coastline and was once a fruitful whaling zone of the south coast of São Miguel island. Today, with about 350 inhabitants, agriculture is the main economic activity of the place. There are a lot of festive traditions, but the celebrations of São João and the monumental bonfire set up and burned on the riverside, are really worth it.

Trail 5 - Rocha da Relva | Ponta Delgada
This pedestrian trail is a visit to Rocha da Relva, a small detrital fajã located on the southwest coast of the island. Since there is only one access to the fajã, you will have to take the same path back. From the Estrada Regional, near the Miradouro do Caminho Novo, you will find the first indications of access to Rocha da Relva. Use the secondary dirt road that connects to the parking lot, recently created to accommodate visitors to Rocha da Relva.


Água, Calçado confortável, Casaco de chuva, Farnel, Mochila

Additional Information

  • At least 2 people
  • Do not litter on the tracks
  • Respect the environment and other people on the tracks